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The Incentive Group, Inc. is a corporate marketing partner that assists companies in the planning and implementation of business and corporate incentive meetings. Our primary goal is to ensure the success of your meeting. In today's competitive marketplace, leading edge companies need to focus on retaining employees, maximizing their distribution, and strengthening customer relationships. The Incentive Group, Inc. has developed successful programs to recognize superior achievement as well as to promote customer loyalty. We bring value added services that allow our clients to exceed their sales objectives. The Incentive Group will design creative solutions, promote and manage your meetings in order for your company to achieve your desired results.


Incentive Travel/Awards And Recognition Programs

Increase employee performance

  • The overall average effect of incentive programs was a 22% gain in performance. In fact, return can be four to five times that of other capital investments. —Human Resource Magazine
  • One of the most unique aspects of an incentive program is the manner in which it helps a company achieve its corporate objectives and strengthen its customer relationships. Employees do things for their own reasons, not the organization's. The objectives developed and awards offered in a carefully designed performance improvement program help transfer a corporation's marketing and sales objectives into internal, personal goals. Additional findings from a SITE Foundation study indicate that an overwhelming 92% of workers surveyed indicated that they achieved their quality and quantity goals because of incentives. —SITE Foundation

Employee commitment & motivation increases affect profits

  • Tangible rewards, such as travel, are more motivating because they are sufficiently enticing to elicit the required emotional visualization. —Potentials in Marketing Magazine
  • Shifting incentives from "expenses" to capital investments carries over to corporate mindset. Transitioning to a longer-term customer relationship focus actually increases short-term profits.

Case studies

  • Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company sponsored an incentive campaign to improve sales of tires. The group receiving lifestyle and travel rewards outperformed those receiving monetary awards by nearly 50%. This was the first documented evidence that cash, as a motivator, is not as effective as merchandise or travel.
  • A study produced by American Express Incentive Services, L.L.C. shows that people attach more value to a reward that they find personally meaningful. The survey indicates that 63% of respondents said their loyalty would increase if their employer offered on-going incentive programs.
  • Findings from a study produced by WorldAtWork (formerly the American Compensation Association) found that non-cash awards provide a three times better return on investment compared to cash programs.
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