At The Incentive Group, we are committed to excellence and professionalism in all our sales incentive trips, our customer loyalty trips, and our event planning services.

  • Dedication
  • Expertise
  • Professionalism

Our company and our servises are based on strategic human resource management and sound financial business decision making. We continually cultivate and refine our network of resources and skills to provide your organization with the quality you deserve. Our primary goal is to ensure the overwhelming success of your incentive programs, within the framework of today's competitive marketplace.


Hire Them, Train Them, Support Them & Reward Them!

Such simple words and yet we are surrounded by companies who have failed to adhere to these simple management practices. They place people in hiring positions who have never been in sales. They promote people to management positions who have not been properly trained themselves and therefore cannot possibly understand the importance and the responsibility associated with making others successful!

Sales people are placed in the streets and expected to be successful selling the company’s products or services. When that individual fails, he or she is simply replaced by another person, who is then placed in the same environment, and of course will ultimately fail as well.

However, when the proper foundation is put into place and good people are hired, trained, supported and as a result, become successful, there is always one more step that needs to be implemented. A solid and ongoing rewards program. In many cases, management asks this question and then agrees among themselves that they are correct. “Our sales people are making good money. Why should we give them additional rewards?” And for a while they are correct! That is, until the competition comes along and hires members of your sales team away-simply by offering them more money. In this competitive world, it happens every day. So, is more and more money the answer? Not at all! Even though these people are being compensated for their sales successes, something is still lacking-the need to be recognized and to feel a part of the organization.

We, at The Incentive Group know this feeling for we have been in that position in our previous sales positions. We understand the importance of getting everyone together in an environment where people from all over the country can be recognized on a national level for their successes & contributions to the organization. Just as important, you are giving them the opportunity of getting to know the management team and for the management team to get to know them. They are able to share ideas and experiences with their fellow employees and walk away each year with a much greater sense of belonging!

The Incentive Group is not your typical meeting planner. We understand what your sales people go through each year and the importance of showing them how much management appreciates what they accomplish year in and year out.

We are indeed an extension of your sales and management organization. If we do not work together and succeed together, these rewards will be discontinued and everyone loses.

Our reward today is seeing the smiles on your people’s faces when they arrive to one of our outstanding destinations and even a much greater smile on their faces when it is time to depart.

That is who we are! Helping to make people successful and then doing everything we can to make their rewards trip a most memorable experience!

Always best in class, we take pride in being experts in performance management.


Established in 1990, The Incentive Group has a proven track record of client satisfaction. A sampling of the business segments we have served includes firms and individuals in the following industries:

  • banking
  • manufacturing
  • retail
  • electronics
  • construction
  • telecommunications
  • software
  • food industry


We are seasoned professionals, with over 50 years of team experience in sales, marketing and event planning.

We know that leading edge companies are fully focused on:

  • employee retention
  • achieving sales objectives
  • strengthening customer relationships.

At The Incentive Group, we understand the issues and the process, and we are dedicated to delivering results.


Retention increases & cost savings

  • With today's labor market, employers are continually looking for ways to retain their staff through innovative programs and benefits.
  • Human Resource savings occur in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training and employee development.
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